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Our Mission

The priceless gems of Indian culture and civilization be discovered from the deep ocean of Vedic knowledge and Sanskrit literature, illustrating the glorious picture of our past.

Learn with Sanskrit Atma Art  Classes are taught in Google Meet by professional Teachers with decades of experience. We teach Yoga ,Bharathanatyam, Music, Mohiniyattam, Kuchuppidi and sanskrit language.

Our Vision

India is known for its rich heritage of some of the world′s most ancient texts on science,philosophy and knowledge systems.View our selection of courses, If you need guidance, visit our learning pathways  that is best for you.


sanskrit basic course online


Learn to pronounce the alphabet, as well as read and write in Devanagari script. Each session has written and spoken exercises with plenty of support. At the end of the workshop, you will be able to construct simple sentences, conduct a conversaton and demonstrate the skills.

learn kuchipidi Bharathanatyam and mohiniyattam

If you are looking for a space to express your inner feeling, thoughts and creativity through dance, you have come to the right place.Thouryatrikam is providing online classes for Bharathanatyam, kuchippudi and Mohiniyattam.

If you have a dream of dance don’t leave any chance of dance. 


yoga teaching course in rishikesh

 Yoga asana, particularly with regard to the system of the Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. However, yogasana is also the name of a particular posture that is not specifically associated with the Vinyasa system, and that while “ashtanga” (small ‘a’) refers to the eight limbs of Yoga.Asanas are the physical movements of yoga practice

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The advaita (non dualism) Vedanta doctrine of Sankara  emphasises the non-dualism of Puruşa and Prakyti and postulates a single ultimate reality, the Brahman. The phenomenal world is considered to be a delusion, maya, which accounts for a variety of things in the manifest world when in reality all is one. 


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Introduction to Poetics in Sanskrit

The Kavyadarsha (Sanskritकाव्यादर्शKāvyādarśa) by Dandin is the earliest surviving systematic treatment of poetics in Sanskrit.In Kāvyādarśa, Daṇḍin argued that a poem’s beauty derived from its use of rhetorical devices – of which he distinguished thirty-six types.Vamana in his Kavya-alamkara–sutra –Vritti expanded on the concept of Gunas dealt in Dandin’s work; and, at the same time, he underplayed the importance of Alamkaras. Vamana’s work, unlike that of his predecessors, is in the Sutra format

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Samkhya Philosophy and Tarkasangraha


Tarka is an Indian system of logic, and is called a tool for the philosopher to probe and discover the ultimate truth.Samkhya is the oldest of the orthodox philosophical schools, and it holds that everything, in reality, is derived from Purusha (self, soul, or intellect) and Prakriti (matter, creative agency, energy). The Tarka Samgraha is like a master key that has been used for centuries to unlock the doors of the twin philosophical systems of Nyaya-Vaisheshika. 


Abhijnanashakunthalam sanskrit drama shakunthala sitting
Introduction to

The great poet and dramatist Kalidasa. By praising this play V.V. Mirashi writes: “It is universally acclaimed as the best of Kalidasa’s works, representing the perfection of his art, upon which his fame as a dramatist mainly rests. From ancient times men of fine taste and critical accumen in India have been so taken up with its skillful plot-construction

Sanskrit Subhashithas

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