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Mudras in dance for expression

Learn Classical Dance Online Special Training .If you have a dream of dance don’t leave any chance of dance. Sometimes all you need is to dance. A therapy that brings you back to the person you are in . Join with me as to find the creative side of you.



If you are looking for a space to express your inner feeling, thoughts and creativity through dance, you have come to the right place.Thouryatrikam is providing learn online classical dance  classes for Bharathanatyam, kuchippudi and Mohiniyattam.If you have been amazed while watching the Dance performance and have wondered if you will be able to perform like that. Sanskrit Atma  Provides  classical dance Online is the opportunity to grab the necessary lessons to fullfill your desire. We aim to find the artist in you.


The course details

  • Basic adavus
  • Fitness exercises
  • Essential theory & thala classess
  • Abhinaya kalari, which includes special training for netrabhinaya
  • Basic introduction to the dance texts natyasastra, abhinayadharpanam and Hastalakshana deepika


One of India’s most well-known and frequently practised classical dance forms is Bharatanatyam.Bharata’s dancing,” bharata natyam” is one of the five primary classical dance forms in India, along with kuchipudi, kathak, kathakali, manipuri, and odissi. It is widespread in southern India and is a native of the Tamil Nadu region.



Mohiniyattam dance belongs to Kerala state  is where the Indian classical dance style  flourished. Like many classical Indian dances, Mohiniyattam has its roots in the Natya Shastra, an old Hindu Sanskrit book on performing arts.The Mohiniyattam Dance Dress is a basic, off-white saree with embroidered borders that are bordered with gold lace or dazzling golden colour.



Kuchipudi is a classical dance of South Indian state  Andhra Pradesh in India .The dance performance begins with the sprinkling of holy water and the burning of incense.Kuchipudi dance style are Nritta, Nritya, and Natya are these. The dance in the Nritta performance is abstract, quick, and rhythmic.

About the Teacher

These Classes, taught by Sreelakshmi who joined Kerala kalamandalam at 8th std and completed Graduation in Mohiniyattam from Kerala kalamandalam deemed university for art& culture. Now doing Master degree (MA) Mohiniyattam in Sree Sankaracharya university of Sanskrit.

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